Do Vehicle Wraps Damage Your Car?

If you want to transform the visual appeal of your car, one of the easiest of ways of doing so is by investing in a vehicle wrap. A wrap is a way of treating the exterior of your vehicle so that its surface is coated in a layer of colored vinyl or some other material. Some vehicle wraps are graphical wraps so you can make your car look completely unique.

If you are considering a vehicle wrap, then one question you might be asking is will a vehicle wrap damage your car? The short answer is … no! In fact, a wrap will add an extra layer of protection to your car, further protecting it from damage, and the elements.

How Does a Vehicle Wrap Further Protect My Car?

The vinyl that is used in a car wrap is durable and long-lasting. It helps to prevent potential damage to your paint from exposure to the elements or small chips and scratches from rocks, debris and minor collisions.

If you wish to change or remove your wrap, then you should always do so by working with a professional car wrapping company such as Wrap & Roll Graphics. We will successfully remove or replace your wrap without causing any damage to your paintwork. If you attempt to remove your wrap yourself, you may cause damage

What Does a Vehicle Wrap Involve?

The first stage in a vehicle wrap is to make sure that your car is in the correct condition to be wrapped. This means that your existing paintwork should be in excellent condition, and that the exterior of your car is clean and debris-free. Only when your car has been thoroughly inspected will the car wrapping procedure begin. You may be warned that your car already has areas of damaged paintwork. You may also be told that you will need to fix exterior issues before the vehicle wrapping can proceed.

As well as protection from the elements, your vehicle wrap will also limit your car’s exposure to harmful UV rays which can cause paintwork to fade. Abrasions from particles and dirt will become much less of an issue, as will the onset of rust.

If you are considering a vehicle wrap for your car or any other motor vehicle, then please consider contacting us here at Wrap & Roll Graphics. You can call us at (864) 849 0019, or use the online contact form that’s available on our website.

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