4 Ways to Use Retail Murals

Recently, it has been an increasingly popular trend to revive the old art form of retail murals and graphics. Not only does it add general appeal, but the use of murals for your storefront has some great added benefits to your business. Through the use of these art forms, you can elevate your business and presence. We’d like to highlight a few of the many benefits you may find from commissioning a custom retail mural from our team here at Wrap & Roll Graphics.

It’s an Attraction

Retail murals can attract a lot of attention. By dressing up old, blank walls with an eye-catching mural, your customers will notice. In fact, people may venture from all over just to check out your mural. And of course, increased foot traffic near your business means a lot more potential customers.

It Encourages Social Media Posts About Your Business 

Whether people are just walking past or coming specifically to view your wall mural, they often want to take photos of the mural or themselves in front of it. The age of social media is a big driving force in the return to this art form. Your retail murals can even have a hashtag so that when people stop by for a photo, your business is effectively advertised to countless people via social media.

It Adds to Your Community

Not only can a mural enhance your business, but it gives something back to your community. By sprucing up what was once a blank, boring wall, you’re providing an art installation that improves your neighborhood and makes it more engaging. By making your neighborhood stand out, your business will also stand out as well.

It Enhances Your Image and Identity

Using murals or wall wraps can boost the overall ambience of the interior and exterior of your business. Retail murals from a company like Wrap & Roll Graphics are also extremely easy to change, which can be very handy if you want a more seasonal look. You can choose to incorporate a mural that fosters your corporate image or expresses your mission in a way no other visual medium can do.

Why Wait?

These are only a handful of the many benefits that a retail mural can provide to your business. Attracting attention in an organic, enjoyable way will make your advertising much more effective. At Wrap & Roll Graphics, we have the experience to help you select a mural that really wows your community and enhances your company’s image. So give us a call today at 864-849-0019 to get started!